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02 - 01
61st China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition will be held in Qingdao World Expo City from May 10th to 12th, 2021
Time May 10, 12th to 12th, the 60th (Spring 2021) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo, held in Qingdao World Exhibition, invites you to visit and guide.
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09 - 21
High-speed labeling machine can select adjustment parameters according to the speed of the conveyor belt to coordinate the labeling action
The high-speed labeling machine can select adjustment parameters based on the speed of the conveyor to coordinate the labeling action high-speed labeling machine structure simple and reasonable, easy to operate. The equipment can be simply adjusted according to the specifications and characteristics of the bottle, the label. The adaptability of the la lacker can be adapted to the glass bottle and plastic bottle of various specifications such as food, drugs, cosmetics, whether using transparent or opaque stickers, can be posted on a bottle or container Satisfactory label. The high-speed labeling machine is equipped with a work detection, a front standard label detection, a post mark label detection, a preemption detection, and a rear standard memory detection, and a bottle detection sensor. The high-speed labeling machine can be used separately, the post-label is active or before, and the backboot is simultaneously operated simultaneously, and the bottle detection is not required. When switching to a spline tag working state, the action is performed by the front-side servo motor, and the cartridge cylinder is required to use a wheel attached to the work. Can work in one job
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03 - 17
Technological innovation is the basis of high-speed labeling machine to adapt to the market
Although the small label on the product packaging is inconspicuous, it can be said that it is a product's \"ID card\", which records information about the production date, origin of origin, can be said to be a * Zhang name film that people know the product. The drug manufacturing industry is a large user of the high-speed labeling machine. It is very high for speed. The design of the labeling machine should take into account the integration of the processes before and after the labeling, and automatically enter the bottle and other additional additions. Features. The high-speed labeling machine uses the motor drive, speeds up speed, photoelectric control, reliable, high sensitivity, and high labeling, can basically meet the packaging needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Experts pointed out that domestic high-speed labeling machines can basically meet the needs of the domestic market, and basically occupy the vast majority of the market, but due to the limitations of technical level, there are still some limitations in the packaging. For example, the labeling machine needs to handle very thin containers and labels, and the packaging business is more demand for diversification than ever.
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