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SML-852 vertical sheet horizontal servo label into the integrated machine


model: SML-852

Scope of application: Suitable for 2-20ml ampoules, 2-10 ml of Willow, 10-20ml Oral Liquid Product labeling.

Technical specifications

Power supply: AC220V 50 / 60Hz 1PH

Power: 2.3kW.

Weight: 500kg

Dimensions: 4270 × 1240 × 1880mm (L × W × H)

Label speed: Containment of printing, stabilize production capacity 0-500 bottles / minus (10ml ampoule, oral liquid).

Labeling accuracy: ± 0.5mm (depending on the emission of the jar and the error of the label).

Applicable label: length 15-65mm, less than 60mm, the inside of the paper roll is 76mm, and the outer diameter is 380mm.

Entering speed: 10ml ampoule, stable income energy 10 support can reach 40 boxes / min.

Applicable cartridge: length × width: within 230 × 130mm

Operational height: label: 1020mm

Truck: 700mm


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